Pitch in English

Taxi anglais avec mention "London Calling" - Pitch in EnglishConference, writing, practice. Get your pitch in English.

Need to pitch in English? Either you have to speak in front of an international audience or your team is multicultural and you want to train them to make a good pitch in a language understood by everyone:

Madame Pitch is here to help!

Tips in English

Within 45 mn (or more) Madame Pitch delivers to you the top insights into creating an interactive conference with pragmatic tools and various examples.
You will discover how to:

  • catch your audience’s attention,
  • explain your activity, your project or your topic in one single sentence,
  • make the perfect slideshow,
  • And much more!

Whether you need to speak in front a small team or a big audience, a pitch is the best way to make anyone understand your message. Watch this interview of Madame Pitch (fr).

This conference is the shortest way for your team to understand how to improve their pitch and why it matters.

Design and practice

The next step to learn how to pitch efficiently is by writing and delivering a pitch.
Based on your own project or dummy products (that can be provided by Madame Pitch), you practice designing the best pitch with help, support and guidance from Madame Pitch.
On your own or in teams, challenge your employees and vote for the very best one.


Le Discours d'un Roi - Pitch in englishOnce you’ve learned the key insights and have written your pitch, it’s time to train to become proficient.
In front of a small group (7 persons maximum), you will deliver your pitch and receive constructive feedback.
Those will be based on the criterias: What have I understood about your project or your activity? Did your words speak to me? What kind of questions do I want to ask you after your pitch?…
Each attendee will make his pitch in front of the group, therefore everyone will be equal, and feel free to dare new way to pitch.

>> So, to pitch in English, call Madame Pitch !